Exploring India's Culture & Diversity

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India is one of the most diverse lands found anywhere in the world with 29 states, each with their own unique languages, traditions, and religions. In this lesson, students will familiarize themselves with some basic facts about India that highlight its diversity.

Students will then view excerpts or the entirety of Remarkable Journey and utilize the film’s information as a jumping off point to learn about various aspects of Indian culture, including food, music, film, clothing, dance, and religion.

Despite such diversity, Asian Indian immigrants to North Carolina, our fellow strangers in a strange land, often rely on their shared roots to build new and unified communities. Students will discuss this concept then use their discoveries to create a mural that exemplifies the theme: “India: Unity in Diversity.” Activities/themes included:

  • Basic Overview of India
  • Exploring the Diversity of Indian Culture
  • Exploring India’s Diversity Student Teaching Activity
  • India: Unity in Diversity
  • Unity in Diversity Mural