Immigration: Misconceptions, Reasons & Experiences

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Throughout history, people around the world have immigrated to America for a multitude of reasons, many with hopes of accessing the American Dream of freedom, prosperity, and promise. And throughout history, immigrants have faced varying types of reception, from open arms to animosity.

In this lesson, students will consider immigration in general as well as through the specific lens of the Asian Indian immigrant experience by viewing clips from Remarkable Journey. Students will explore their own immigrant ancestry as they consider the concept of America as a “Nation of Immigrants,” as well as the varying reasons for immigration throughout history, the experiences of immigrants, their relationship to the American Dream, and the misconceptions that often frame immigration in our society.

As a culminating artistic activity, students will create an updated Statue of Liberty - a new design that addresses immigration, America as a “Nation of Immigrants,” the concept of the “American Dream,” and the related concepts addressed throughout the lesson. Activities/themes included:

  • Introduction to Immigration
  • “A Nation of Immigrants”
  • Immigration: Fact v/s Fiction
  • Reasons for Immigration and Experiences of Immigration
  • The Cultural Challenges of Immigration
  • Welcome, Acceptance and Access to the American Dream
  • A New Design for the American Dream