K-12 Teaching Resources

Remarkable Journey is an excellent way to engage 6th through 9th grade students in a broad array of issues and topics, including immigration, Asian Indian history, the religious and cultural diversity of India, cultural exchange and acceptance, Asian Indian contributions to North Carolina, and more.


We've also categorized the film into the four lesson segments below so that teachers can conveniently implement as much or as little of this program as their time allows. Each of the four lesson modules contain numerous activities that can be completed individually or in totality. They can be combined in any way the teacher chooses, and can be taught in any order. Each lesson references specific clips of the film for teachers who do not have the class time for viewing the entire 54 minute documentary.  

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Immigration: Misconceptions, Reasons and Experiences

Throughout history, people from around the world have immigrated to America for a multitude of reasons. Over centuries, those immigrants have faced varying types of reception, from open arms to animosity. In this lesson, students consider immigration through the lens of Asian Indian immigrants. 

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Exploring India’s Culture & Diversity

India is among the most diverse countries in the world. Each of its 29 states have their own unique languages, traditions, and religions. We've created a collection of lessons for students to explore basic facts about India and its diversity, examining all aspects of Indian culture, from food to music and more.

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Exploring the Religions of Asian Indians

India is a diverse land of religions and spirituality. Not only the birthplace of Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism, India is home to numerous other faiths that are practiced, including Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Zoroastrianism, and others.

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Contributions of Asian Indian Immigrants to North Carolina

Students can learn a great deal from Remarkable Journey, including the incredible ways the Indian community has contributed to the growth and diversity of North Carolina. We've assembled some fun activities for students to consider what they've learned about India.